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Excellent Summer STEM Camp Experience!
My 12 year old son had an excellent time at his NYLF Envision Summer Camp and enjoyed the experience intellectually and socially.  The enrollment process was simple, the communication frequent and informative and the daily registration simple and efficient. And the camp content was exceptional!

Emily McCann – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

Great! I learned so much.
I enjoyed learning all about robots, jobs, and schools. I always enjoy telling people that we climbed, raced, and played tug-a-war......with robots.

Harva Rocks  – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

I saw a more matured leader in my child after going through the program.
My child, a 7th grader, attended the Youth leadership program at New York Maritime College and grateful for the content of the course, the teaching program and for the coordination itself. The program had a steep learning curve on my child providing him an opportunity to communicate, lead, follow, plan, coordinate tasks, organize his time and activities and a breakthrough of the exposure of the simulation activities in the program. He has been enrolled for the STEM program coming up this summer and we are eagerly waiting for his participation.  Thank you!

Geeta Devi Kodimela  – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

I thought it would like a regular stem camp But once I got there I realized it was a camp I will never forget.

John Carl Bradley – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

This was my sons first time attending...
This was my sons first time attending and I can honestly say that he had a memorable experience and learned a lot. He hasn't stopped talking about it yet. He got a chance to experience different fields associated with science (a subject he loves) and also meet new people from all different backgrounds and places.  We thought he would get his mentor results from the emails we sent them; he was looking forward to that; but he didn't. Overall it was still a great experience.   Thank goodness for unlimited bc he talk/text his new friends nonstop.  We would definitely recommend this program to others. Great Experience!  Thank You for giving him this chance.

Mary Russo  – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

The Envision Experience program
The Envision Experience program, was perfect my child. It really gave her an opportunity to meet other scholars that share the same interest. She was given an opportunity to study multiple fields of S.T.E.M. and intrigue her to take a closer look at a career choice for her future.

Mary Guillory – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

STEM was a great experience
STEM was a great experience for my daughter! The hands-on activities give students the opportunity to learn in new and exciting ways! She loved making new friends, with the other scholars.  It was a very valuable experience!

Kim Purlee – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

My daughter said this is the first time...
My daughter said this is the first time she fits in with a group of kids. As a parent hearing this makes my heart break but also makes my heart happy. That she has found kids with the same interests as her. She can’t stop taking about coming back next year. This is a AWESOME program for kids that are interested in careers in the STEM fields. God bless all the volunteers that make this happen!

Meghan McIlroy – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

It was one of the most memorable
It was one of the most memorable, fun times I have ever had. I made some new friends from other places and I learned a lot, including what I want to do now when I grow up.  I cant wait to go again next year and see my new friends and discover and learn even more.

Ashley Howard – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

It was a great experience
It was a great experience! I recommend it for anyone and everyone. The experience expanded my mind and I got to see what to look forward to in my future.

Nathan Jackson – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

I would recommend this program to any…
I would recommend this program to any parent.  I had an absolute great experience with them.  My child loved every minute of her time with them, and I loved that they kept the parents well informed of what was going on with their children on a daily basis.

Rebecca Wylie – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

Great opportunity for the next generation!
Great opportunity for the next generation, whether they know what career field they are interested in or are trying to find their way.  My daughter loved it and mentioned going back next year.  She loved the teamwork, meeting new friends and exploring areas she otherwise would not have had a chance to explore. GREAT PROGRAM!!!!.

Jorja Hamlin – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

Great experience
Great Experience, can’t wait to do it again next year. Wonderful advisors, and leaders, had a great time meeting new people and friends.

Maddux Foster – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

Excellent Review of Envision Experience.
My son attended the Envision Experience and could not stop talking about it! He was inspired, invigorated, and energized about education again! Thanks to the Envision Experience, my son stepped out of his comfort zone and realized his potential as a future scholar. I would recommend this leadership forum to any child who is interested in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics. Not only does it spark a sense of curiosity about learning, but also provides kids with the leadership and communication skills necessary for a growth mindset in the 21st century.

Marcy E. – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

Best experience my child has ever done
Best experience my child has ever done. God doing will do as often as possible and will even look into getting my two other children in.

Sylvana Gergss – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

Amazing camp
Our son had the best time at this camp. He was impressed with all of the speakers and how well each of the activities were structured for his group. Meeting with an astronaut and hearing about how he started his career was extremely inspiring. We were also impressed with the diversity of speakers and participants. We would also highly recommend staying overnight at the camp versus being a day student. Our son got to fully embrace the program and spend additional time with peers that shared his interest. He’s more focused on his career goals and the steps he needs to take to get there.

Dana Phillips – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

A Boy and His Dreams of Space, Destination-Mars.
Our son had a wonderful experience with Guest Speakers and staff. The encouragement and support they provided had a profound impact on our son. He is more motivated to create and develop Prototypes for NASA and capitalize on every opportunity he has to succeed in High School, College and his Career! Many thanks to the wonderful Staff.

Andrew Johnson – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

5 Stars!
I think is a wonderful program! We are very happy our daughter attended. She enjoyed it very much.

Marilyn Young – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

My child always has such an amazing...
My child always has such an amazing time when at the summer camps! The opportunities these give her are going to help her the rest of her life! I would 100% recommend any child to go.

Elizabeth Nichols – See NYLF Explore STEM Review

Our son had a fantastic experience for…
Our son had a fantastic experience for his first time away from home.  His confidence has soared this summer because of the NYLF STEM camp.  Thank you all who work to organize and run the camp.

Dawn Faurot – See NYLF Explore STEM Review