NYLF Explore STEM Reviews: Student Testimonials

Jacob W.
Alumnus of National Young Scholars Program, NYLF Pathways to STEM (twice), NYLF Explore STEM (twice), and NYLF Explore STEM Alumni

What has been the most memorable moment of your program experiences?

The most memorable moment was visiting the Cave at Villanova during the NYLF Explore STEM Alumni program. It was so interesting to see how virtual reality works—the technology and the various ways it is used.

How has your program experience impacted your life and your future?

The Envision experience of visiting college campuses, meeting new people and trying new things helps me to get out of my comfort zone. Envision has helped prepare me for college and has helped build a resume for my future.

What’s made you come back to so many Envision programs over the years, and what would you tell other students who are interested in attending an Envision program?

I keep coming back because the programs are really interesting. It feels good to be with other like-minded people who also love learning. The first time I came to a program I was in third grade, and I have come every summer since. Now I am a freshman in high school.

I would just say give it a try just once, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


Karina W., Jacob’s Mother, on his Envision Experience:

Our son was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Almost every summer he has had surgeries. When he was nominated for Envision, it gave him something to look forward to. We always planned his procedures around Envision. Every year we made it a family vacation. As a family, we have made so many unforgettable memories because of Envision.

This program has made a lasting impact on our son. He has gained so much more confidence in his self. He just started high school and he wasn’t intimidated to change schools. He is in all honors classes and some college credit classes on track to graduate early. Envision has helped him to gain confidence and maturity. It broadened all our horizons.