NYLF Medicine Reviews: In the News

NYLF Medicine and the students attending the program are making headlines. Below is a collection of articles from various sources. 

Ricky James Jr. of St. Thomas Takes Part in the National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine. Read NYLF Medicine Article 

Windham's Stuckart to attend National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine. Read NYLF Medicine Article

National Youth Leadership Forum Introduces Students to Medicine Through Simulation. Read NYLF Medicine Article

Franklin student to participate in National Youth Leadership Forum. Read NYLF Medicine Article

National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Medicine Features Stanford-Developed Simulation. Read NYLF Medicine Article 

Bridgeport's Lindsey Morais to Take Part in National Youth Leadership Forum at University of Chapel Hill. Read NYLF Medicine Article 

Siegel High School Student to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum. Read NYLF Medicine Article 

Grade 8 student Wafa Nomani Accepted to 2017 National Youth Leadership Forum for Medicine. Read NYLF Medicine Article 

Bonus article from the Washington Post about Envision Alumni attending the Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit to make a difference. Read Envision Experience Article