NYLF Medicine Reviews: Student Testimonials

Audrey M.
Alumna of NYLF Medicine

What is the most memorable moment of your program experience?

My favorite part was getting to learn more about the medical field and what it takes to become successful. I also enjoyed meeting people from all around the world and making lifelong friends.

How as the program encouraged you to take action in your school or community?

It has helped me inform people and help people in medical situations.

What inspires you as a young leader?

I'm inspired by the support and the belief of people around me.

How was attending the program different than learning in a traditional classroom?

I was allowed to ask more in depth questions and learn more social skills.

How has your program experience helped you focus on a career path?

It has helped me figure out the correct steps to take and how to be as successful as I can.

What are your professional aspirations?

I plan to join the military and become an Emergency Physician or an Obstetrician/ Gynecologist.

What do you intend on studying in college?

Pre-Med/ Biology and a Minor in American Sign Language

How has your program experience impacted your life and your future?

It has allowed me to become more focused and grounded so that I can achieve my goals to the best of my ability.

What would you tell other students who are interested in attending an Envision program?

I encourage future students of Envision to take it seriously and learn as much as possible even if you decide not to go into that career path.