NYLF Medicine Reviews: Student Testimonials

Lauren L.
Alumna of NYLF Medicine

What was the most memorable moment of your program experience?

I really enjoyed having hands-on learning experiences including activities such as learning to draw blood from a patient, practicing triage situations, and suturing.

How as the program encouraged you to take action in your school or community?

After participating in this 9 day learning experience, it has driven me to pursue a career in the medical field.

What inspires you as a young leader?

Leadership is frightening at first but realizing that leadership is such a bold and rare quality that many teens and young adults have is inspiring because of the responsibility and respect that also comes with becoming a leader.

How was attending the program different than learning in a traditional classroom?

This program let me learn with real-life tools and technology that doctors use on real patients.

How has your program experience helped you focus on a career path?

Being 100% sure of a career at such a young age is hard but going to this program made me think more about my future and what exactly I want for myself and also what I want to do to help my community.

What are your professional aspirations?


What do you intend on studying in college?

Biology & Psychology

How has your program experience impacted your life and your future?

It has opened my eyes to all of the possibilities I have to create a career for myself. It gave me an inside look at what it is like to work in the medical field.

What would you tell other students who are interested in attending an Envision program?

I would recommend this program to other student if you are interested in furthermore learning about a career you might want in the future. I attended NYLF medicine this summer (2018) at University of Houston Texas and I would like to thank Hilary, Destiny, Sylvia, and Eli for personally impacting my experience at Envision by creating an inviting and welcoming environment.