NYLF Medicine Reviews: Videos and Highlights

See firsthand what NYLF Medicine students have to say about their program experience, as well highlight clips of the activities students participate in at the program. 

A student-created montage from the 2018 program.

A student-created video that includes pictures and interviews with program attendees.

An older, student-created highlight video.

Another student-created highlight video.

An NYLF Medicine Vlog from an alumna who attended the program at Emory University.

A short overview of the NYLF Medicine program and experience.

A sketch created by recent NYLF Medicine attendees.

An older highlight video for the program.

A testimonial video for NYLF Medicine.

A video overview of the NYLF Medicine program.

Student testimonials about what they now know thanks to attending the program. 

The full testimonial and highlight video for NYLF Medicine.